1. jkbx:

    Zoo Kid aka King Krule - Out Getting Ribs


  2. staHHr freestyles to some surprise beats on SpittinInDaWhip (November 16, 2013)


  3. catonhottinroof:

     Hernan Bas

    Starstruck, 2005

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  4. zubat:

    The Cassini spacecraft takes a picture of Saturn from deep space, 2006. The tiny speck of light circled in red is Earth.


  5. Zu, “Carbon" (2011)


  6. beautone:

    Advertisement by the U.S. Department of the Interior offering surplus Indian lands for sale (1910-1911)

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  7. publiccollectors:

    Scanned from the booklet How To Make That Team, published by the Educational Department of the United Fruit Company, Boston, Mass., 1935.

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  8. fatchickinla:

    Janis Joplin - Ball and Chain (sensational performance at Monterey)


  9. woman-unkind:

    Ball and Chain || Big Brother and the Holding Company


  10. magictransistor:

    Fernando Botero, Mort de Pablo Escobar (Death of Pablo Escobar), 1999.

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